Rob Mariano will star in new History reality series Around the World in 80 Ways

The History Channel is capitalizing on Survivor Redemption Island star Rob Mariano’s popularity and has hired him to star in a new reality series called Around the World in 80 Ways, on which he’ll travel around the world again, having done so twice already on The Amazing Race.

On the 10-episode series, produced by Thom Beers and his Original Productions, Boston Rob and Gravedigger creator Dennis Anderson will “circumnavigate the globe using 80 different modes of travel without repeating any vehicle,” according to the network. That means they “will have to employ every conceivable means of transportation — blimp and fighter jet, ostrich and canoe, chariot and hitchhiking — and will even have to build their own vehicles.”

The press release notes that there will be an element of competition and conflict: “Sometimes they will work together and other times they’ll race. But the hosts are notorious for their vicious competitive streaks and have been known to cheat, torment, boast and battle their way to the top. In this extreme expedition, nothing is off limits.”


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