Gold Rush’s first round ends; Kathy Griffin is blogging for the show

AOL and Mark Burnett’s interactive online reality series game Gold Rush has concluded its first round. Evan Stern won $100,000, and will compete for the $1 million prize later.

The final round played out in Las Vegas, where Stern competed against two other men. The episodes featuring their competition is now online. I’d have watched it, except the video refused to load for me. But an AOL press release notes that, during the competition at Aladdin in Las Vegas, “Stern was falling behind” but “stunned everyone with a surprising turnaround.”

The fact that all three finalists were men did not escape Kathy Griffin, who as queen of all reality TV, is now blogging for the show’s site and apparently playing, too. She writes, “I’m pissed. … IT’S THREE GUYS! Ladies, what the hell?! Bad enough men make more than us in the workplace, we can’t let them dominate us online too.”

On the blog, Kathy is being her regular celebrity-bashing self, and it’s great even though she’s not-so-surreptitiously promoting the show: Praising the show’s host, Mark Steines, Kathy writes, “And I want that phone he has. It’s so thin! It’s like the cell phone Nicole Richie.”