Phil Keoghan will host, produce another race reality competition

Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is trying again with a non-TAR reality series: He’ll produce and host a series about the 30,000-mile Velux 5 Oceans Race, which is between high-speed yachts crewed by a single person. Its web site describes it as “the ultimate solo challenge,” and this year’s starts in La Rochelle, France, on Oct. 17.

The sailors will film themselves except when they’re at the start, finish, and at ports. Deadline Hollywood reports that Exodus Film Group is producing and the “[s]earch is under way for an U.S. network to carry the series.”

In what reads like a press release, Phil says that “what makes this race so unique is the world’s best sailors will take on the unforgiving oceans alone. This is a fantastic opportunity to share a physical and mental challenge that will test competitors beyond what seems humanly possible and at the same time highlight the planet’s awe inspiring oceans.”


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