Mark Burnett will update This is Your Life

This is Your Life, the radio turned television show that aired in the 1950s and early 1960s, is again being developed for TV, this time by Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett.

His work “comes about three years after Fox TV Studios attempted to bring back the format,” TV Week reports. “The studio set up a revival of the franchise at ABC, signing Regis Philbin to host and landing a six-episode commitment. ABC ultimately didn’t move forward with the show, however.”

Ralph Edwards Productions will co-produce the show with Burnett, and John Couch, a senior VP with the company, told Broadcasting & Cable, “Back when we had the ABC deal, there was such a glut of reality programming and it was a different kind of reality where the show were really trying to out-spectacularize each other. I think people are looking for more character driven reality.”

Couch also said that the current economic crisis makes this the perfect time for the show, because when it initially aired, “The country was going through a really hard time. And what [the show] allowed people to do was find inspiration. Maybe this sounds like a cliche, but we’re going through another very difficult time, with a terrible economy and two wars. I people are hungry for something inspirational again.”