Pirate Master may be the name of CBS’ pirate series, which films in March

CBS’ mysterious pirate-themed reality show may have a name other than “CBS’ Pirates Project,” which is how it was known in the casting application.

The name is Pirate Master, according to a recent filing. “On January 12, 2007 JMBP, Inc. filed documents with the United States Patent & Tradmark Office (USPTO) to protect the phrase ‘Pirate Master’ for ‘entertainment services in the nature of a reality television series,’” trivialTV reports.

The domain name piratemaster.tv was also registered “on that same day,” trivalTV says, although “the registration info is private and the website is simply parked; so I couldn’t completely confirm that JMBP registered the domain. But the timing is too much of a coincidence.”

The name Pirate Master sounds vaguely sexual, at least according to computer ad-serving algorithms. The domain was registered with Network Solutions (who still registers their domains with Network Solutions?), the “Sponsored Listings” ads shows an ad for “Sexy Adult Costumes” as the first link.

The show is supposed to air this summer, and, according to the casting application, will film this March and April somewhere in the world.