Kevin Spacey, Method Man, and Robert Evans mentor interns in a new TLC reality series.

Kevin Spacey and Method Man will front a TLC reality series this fall. The premise of Going Hollywood is kind of vague right now, but involves Spacey and Method Man, along with Robert Evans, who will serve as “mentors” and whose companies will “host” the series’ three participants. Yes, there will only be three cast members, or “interns.”

A TLC press release says that the “young entertainment industry hopefuls are thrown into the show business fire as each is chosen for a high- profile Hollywood internship with some of entertainment’s biggest stars.” And TLC president David Abraham says, “Beyond the glamorous premieres and jet-set travel is a world where grit, ambition and, above all, hard work, are the stuff that dreams are made of. TLC will bring viewers that world, where success comes only at the price of sweat.”

The rest of the release is equally big on adjectives but thin on details, excepting the fact that the interns will live together in “a box-sized apartment.” The series debuts this fall.