Solitary 2.0 debuts this weekend on Fox Reality

The Fox Reality channel’s first original series returns for a second season this weekend. Solitary 2.0 debuted Saturday night, reairs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET (preceded by a preview special at 7), and reairs 13 times this week before the next episode debuts on Saturday at 6 and 9.

The network calls the show “its most controversial original yet,” and “an intense psychological experiment.” On the show, contestants are confined to small cells, where they’re tortured until all but one leaves. That person wins $50,000, the same prize Fear Factor gave for performing just three stunts. Among this season’s cast members are Survivor Vanuatu’s John P.

The Boston Globe’s Mark A. Perigard calls the show “cheap, depraved,” and argues that “the psychological reality that some people find it almost impossible to say no to authority figures” makes the show “the reality-TV version of ‘Saw.’”