Family sues after Renovate My Family appearance

A family that had their house renovated by FOX’s Renovate My Family is suing the network for $350,000.

The Rosier family isn’t thrilled with what the show left behind. “Instead of a handicapped-friendly home that made their life easier, they got a shoddy wreck of a house that latest estimates say will cost $350,000 to fix,” their attorney tells the Daily Herald.

Their complaints include the fact that exposed wiring was left behind; the lap pool installed in his room “was so powerful it forced him under and almost drowned him,” their attorney says; and $13,000 worth of power tools were missing once the production company left. Now, the family says it’ll cost $350,000 to fix all of the problems.

Additionally, the family members “also are suing DuPage County, claiming it never performed a final home inspection on the work,” the paper says.

The family isn’t entirely blameless. In their apparent desperation for free stuff, they signed a contract without consulting an attorney first. Dumbasses. The Daily Herald reports that “their suit claims they were told at the time of signing that it was not a final contract, just something they needed to sign to be considered for the show. The company refused their requests to let them consult a lawyer before signing, telling them time was of the essence, the suit claims. For those reasons, it should be void, Belongia said.”

Apparently, they don’t know the word “no.”