Flavor Flav: “Season 3’s got to be my last”

Tonight, Flavor Flav searches for love for a third time—fourth, if you count Strange Love—when Flavor of Love 3 debuts at 10 p.m. ET on VH1. And this will be his last TV love search, he says, echoing what VH1 insisted.

He tells TV Guide that his “intuition’s also telling me that Season 3’s got to be my last. The show is starting to really make it look like I can’t find love, and that’s not true. After this season, I’m going on to bigger and better things. Maybe the winner will come along. Maybe not. You’ve got to watch to find out.”

Flavor Flav also promises “a whole different look” for the series with different challenges, and says there’s another big twist: the group of women, which includes identical twins, gave themselves their own nicknames. A stunning turn of events! He also promises, “I weeded out the fake hood-rats (yeah, like last season’s Buckwild) and the spitters (that means you, Pumkin).”