Deadliest Catch starts covering Phil Harris’ death, but skips “graphic hospital scenes”

The next four episodes of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch deal with the death of Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris, concluding July 20 with an episode and a “Captain Phil Harris Remembered” special.

After his stroke, which will be shown in tonight’s episode, Phil wrote a note to Cornelia Marie cameraman and his friend Todd Stanley, and it said “Keep filming. There has to be an end to this story.” And they did, although they didn’t film his actual death. The New York Times reports that while producers “opted not to show graphic hospital scenes of Captain Harris after the right side of his skull had been removed to relieve pressure on his brain,” it does show “him in the cramped stateroom minutes after his stroke; with paramedics in the ambulance; and with his tearful sons, Josh and Jake, who have to figure out what to do with the family business.”


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