Melissa Rycroft rejected again as Shawn Johnson wins DWTS, barely beating Gilles Marini

In a surprising outcome, Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars 8, beating season-long favorites Gilles Marini and Melissa Rycroft. She joins Kristi Yamaguchi (who also danced with Mark Ballas) and Apolo Ohno to become the third Olympian to win the title and crappy trophy.

Gilles almost won, as Tom Bergeron said that it was “our closest-ever finale” with a “less than one percent” difference between Gilles and Shawn. Her victory gave Mark Ballas his second win; he’s probably very excited.

Melissa Rycroft got dumped by America, coming in third place. At least she wasn’t humiliated this time. Melissa said she was proud to be in a competition with “an Olympian and someone who was in a blockbuster movie.” Ha.

I’m sure some other stuff happened, but I tuned in with 18 minutes to go, and couldn’t force myself to go back and watch 1.75 hours of filler, like dances from the people who got eliminated for a reason or Jeffrey Ross trying to roast people on a show and network that surely wouldn’t let him be as outrageous as he can be. And there’s plenty of filler to watch next season.