Len Goodman had surgery for prostate cancer discovered during Dancing with the Stars 8

Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman had surgery for prostate cancer that was discovered during the spring, while he was on the eighth season of the U.S. show.

After having a cancerous tumor removed, Len said, “I’ve had the surgery now. Everything’s gorgeously good. I’ll be back in September for sure,” he told the Daily Mail, referring to the British version of the show, Strictly Come Dancing. He’ll presumably be back for the ninth season of Dancing, too

“I could have said ‘sorry’ and not done the show, but the doctors felt I wasn’t riddled with it and it wasn’t so far advanced that it was a life-or-death scenario. It takes a few weeks to get everything set up for the operation anyway, so I went ahead and did the show. I had the surgery done as soon as I got back from America,” Len said.

He told the paper that he didn’t tell his bosses. “No one at the BBC knows. I didn’t want to tell everyone — it’s not necessary to blabber it out to everyone. People generally think ‘bloody hell’. With all the hoo-ha about Strictly [Come Dancing] coming up, I thought, ‘Just my luck, they won’t want that old fart on it, the cancer-riddled, bed-ridden old so-and–so.”


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