Cloris Leachman says it’s a “miracle” she’s still on Dancing with the Stars

The most entertaining, and perhaps most controversial, contestant on this season of Dancing with the Stars 7 isn’t quite sure why she’s still on the show.

“The fact that I’m still on is a (expletive) miracle. I suppose (viewers) see fun and hope and happiness,” she told USA TODAY, which apparently used the “(expletive)” because it can’t bring itself to write some version of “fucking” or maybe “gosh darn.”

Cloris said that when she acts up, “Something comes over me — I don’t know what it is. If I’ve made people mad, I’m sorry. All my life, I’ve been a cut-up. I’m just having fun.”

Executive producer Conrad Green confirmed his cast members’ insistence that everyone associated with the show loves Cloris, despite a report to the contrary. “She’s 82, but she’s mischievous and has this uncanny ability to make people laugh. We never know what to expect with her. But that’s what live TV is about,” he said.