Dancing with the Stars 3 offers a maximum salary of $245,000 to a celebrity

Ever wonder why Dancing with the Stars isn’t able to draw A- or even B-list celebrities? Perhaps it’s because of the pay.

Yesterday on his Sirius show, Howard Stern revealed the pay that was offered to his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky to appear on Dancing with the Stars 3 this fall. (That, of course, is confirmation that ABC is unsurprisingly planning a third season.)

Ostrosky was offered “a base of $125,000 for the first two weeks of the show,” plus “about $20,000 each week after, until they are voted off,” according to the New York Post. There’s a bonus of $50,000 “[i]f the show is stretched to nine weeks — for an extra recap show.” Thus, that’s a maximum of “around $245,000 for eight weeks of work, according to the contract.”

The Post assumes this is the same amount that all celebrities are offered, but it certainly seems possible that bigger stars are offered different contracts. Regardless, last season’s winner, Drew Lachey, confirms that the pay sucks. “It’s kind of ridiculous. In terms of TV and for the ratings that the show gets, it’s ridiculous,” he said.