All-star Dancing with the Stars not a sure thing yet

Dancing with the Stars may air an all-star season this fall, but it’s not a sure thing yet: the show’s executive producer said it’s under consideration.

Conrad Green told the New York Post that an “all star show is something we have talked about for some time and we are considering it. But we haven’t made any decisions about it yet.”

Considering that they are actively asking celebrity contestants to return, that sounds like they have made a decision, but are being cautious in case they can’t assemble a full cast.

The good news: Green realizes that bringing past cast members back needs to be special, which is great because the producers of Survivor and The Bachelor don’t seem to know that. Acknowledging that his series is already on a lot, he said, “These kind of shows rely, absolutely, on being special. They have to be part of the nation’s conversation if they are going to be shows that really work.”


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