John O’Hurley wins Dancing with the Stars dance-off

Surprise, surprise: John O’Hurley won the Dancing with the Stars dance-off, besting the other team with an advantage of just one percent. He and Charlotte Jorgensen beat Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo.

The results were entirely based upon viewer votes, but the judges agreed with the decision, awarding O’Hurley 77 points and Monaco 74 points. Of course, Kelly still thinks she won; before dancing, she said, “I won this challenge fair and square. “That is our win, that is our trophy and that’s the way it’s going to stay.” Then she kicked Tom Bergeron in the shins and ran away.

MSNBC’s Craig Berman writes that “this show managed to avoid becoming too fixated on what its celebrity participants couldn’t do. And the celebrities themselves took the premise and ran with it, legitimately acting like people trying to win. Whether as a result of competitive pride or a desire not to embarrass themselves on national television, it seemed like everyone took this seriously.”