Dancing with the Stars producers “enjoying the controversy but it baffles us”

The minor controversy over Kelly Monaco’s Dancing with the Stars win led to a confrontation at the Television Critics Association meeting.

Kelly took the criticism lightly, saying, “I do not hold anything personally. I’m not going to go home and cry because someone did not like my dancing. I felt from the beginning this is fun for me. … If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I wouldn’t be sitting here if the whole world hated what I did.”

A producer of the show said, “We’re really enjoying the controversy but it baffles us.” And ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson answered angry critics’ questions by saying, “Do I understand it? I guess I understand that people are going to have strong preferences. I love that people are so wrapped up in the show.”

In its report, the AP notes that “some reporters [were] saying they received complaints from viewers who were confused by the voting process that relied on both the audience and judges.”

Those same people were also confused as to how little tiny people got inside a box in their living room to perform for them.