Gospel Dream searching for gospel singers who don’t have “Satan sneaking in”

The Gospel Music Channel is planning its own version of American Idol, and casting began this weekend. The show will visit seven cities over the next two months as it searches for an outstanding gospel singer.

The New York Times talked to host Jonathan Slocumb, who says that he’ll be edgier than Ryan Seacrest. “Ryan Seacrest is cool, but he’s not a comedian. I thought if I had the opportunity to be the host, I’d definitely add some edge to it,” he says.

He also says that the show’s version of Simon Cowell will be—get ready—Satan. He’s joking, I hope, but it’s more fun to pretend that he’s not. Slocumb says, “You’ll see Satan in the contestants who just shouldn’t be there. If someone comes out adorned à la Beyoncé, she’s probably on the wrong show. The people who think they’re gospel singers, trying to be something they aren’t, that’s Satan sneaking in.”