Millionaire Matchmaker may be renewed and could feature gay millionaires, celebrities

The star of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, says the show may be renewed for a second season, which would focus on different kinds of millionaires than the show currently features.

“Next season is going to be different, because we’re going to do gay millionaires,” she told the New York Post. For taping of a new seasons, Bravo “is telling me to look at June,” she said. “We talked about having a gay millionaire. A millionairess. Maybe a celebrity. And somebody who’s recovering from cancer. I want to do real people. … This season we showed the extrovert, the TV whore, the self-promoter with an agenda. Or, they couldn’t get women and this is an easy, quick fix. This is the lazy, passive whale on the beach who doesn’t have to do any work.”

Because she hasn’t searched for partners for gay people before, she says, “There would have to be a gay person at the helm to consult with me. But attraction is attraction.”