Houseguests are enemies, rivals; America’s Player is one mole-like contestant

More details have emerged about the upcoming cast-related twists on Big Brother 8, and the newly redecorated house.

CBS’ official press release about the new season reveals that next week, the 14 “Houseguests will learn that some of them will be sharing the house with an enemy, a rival or someone with whom they have unfinished business — in short, someone from their past who they had hoped never to see again or someone with whom there is an extreme amount of tension,” CBS says. Thus, they aren’t necessarily high school rivals, but presumably could be.

There are also more details about “America’s Player,” who is one pre-designated cast member with echoes of the mole on The Mole. That person, according to CBS, “must attempt to do what viewers request, including voting out a specific Houseguest. And, they can never tell anyone in the house that they are working on behalf of the viewers.”

CBS says that means “America is in the house.” And speaking of the house, TV Guide has a picture, plus details from the show’s executive producer. Allison Grodner says one room “has five beds, but essentially you are living in a dollhouse because all of the beds are only 5 feet long and all the chairs are child-size and low to the ground. So our 6-foot-plus contestants — and we have quite a few of them — are going to be quite uncomfortable.” She says that “in the room that is oversized, to get to the top drawer of the dresser, you have to climb up steps. It is fun and a fantasy thing that brings you back to your childhood, but imagine living there for 80 days.”

Better: Imagine watching this for 80 days, Allison. Is this what it’s come to? Putting tall people in short beds? Oh, the creativity, imagination, and drama.