Big Brother 6 banner suggestions: it’s time to resurrect a tradition

Back during the first season of CBS’ Big Brother, fans of the show did something ingenious: they hired planes to tow banners with messages over the house, thus sending messages to those inside. The first one said, “Big Brother is worse than you think. Get out now.”

Producers started forcing the houseguests inside any time a plane would get near the compound, so despite breaking ground with this new form of interactive television, the tradition died.

I think it’s time to start it again, even if it’s just for our amusement. While I’ll let other people put up the cash and do the legwork, as part of a new, occasional series, I present suggestions for banners. (Suggestions? Send them.) Today’s come from last night’s episode:

  • Ivette: Your secret is out; we know you are a moron.
  • Howie: Please cover your nipples. They scare small children and adults.
  • Jennifer: The PB&J is getting more screen time than you.
  • Houseguests: “take something personal” is not grammatically correct, you stupid assclowns. We use adverbs to modify verbs (“take”), so you can react to a personal comment, but you take something personally.