Jessie’s nominations unexplained by another dry Big Brother 11 episode

As the editing of Big Brother 11 would have us believe, the only thing that happened up until nominations were conversations about whether Ronnie should go on the block, or if Casey should because he’s pushing for Ronnie’s eviction. As if that wasn’t lackluster enough, HOH Jessie’s actual nominations of Jordan and Michele were never even mentioned as possibilities until he said that they were nominated because they’re likely to lose the POV, and thus Jessie can backdoor someone.

Before that, the have/have not challenge attempted to approximate one of those Survivor challenges that quickly and graphically illustrates who’s in favor and who’s being targeted, but pretty much failed at that. The houseguests were able to essentially vote against the other cliques by throwing blocks into barrels, but all three barrels filled up so rapidly that there was no drama. The challenge also borrowed the beer goggles from I Survived a Japanese Game Show, but they weren’t anywhere as severe, since the houseguests were able to navigate pretty effectively. The challenges seemed to pick up last season from really crappy to only occasionally crappy, but it’s been boring crap after boring crap this season.

Also Sunday night, Natalie hogged her bed, Lydia decided to punish Natalie by staying up all night (what?), Lydia and Jessie had a pointless conversation in the bathroom (“If I want to talk to you, I will talk to you”), and Russell and Kevin had a conversation in the hammock about relationships and Kevin’s nine-year partner.

I realize my enthusiasm for Big Brother ebbs and flows, depending upon how distracted I am from its overall lack of quality and intelligence, and can be affected by both the houseguests’ and the producers’ bad behavior. So it may just be me, but this season totally seems like a non-starter.


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