MTV casting “celebrity” Beauty and the Geek that would star former Real Worlders, Playmates

MTV is negotiating to acquire the former CW series Beauty and the Geek, but will change the format so that the beauties are “celebrities,” emphasis on the scare quotes.

“MTV wants a celebrity version of the show, where average geeks compete for semi-famous” women, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and “the celebrity girls probably will be at the star-wattage level of former ‘Real World’ contestants and Playboy Playmates.”

Yes, former Real World cast members will have yet another way to artificially extend their fame and continue to get paid for just being their obnoxious selves.

The paper says that while “the deal is not complete, things are far enough along for producers to have started casting.”

Earlier, The CW cancelled Beauty and the Geek after five seasons, but reports said the show would probably move to a new network.