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The Real WorldRoad Rules Real World, Road Rules will use old footage instead of new casts.
Why is the next season of The Real World being set in New York? Because, as the formerly subversive, now reality TV-focused site revealed three weeks ago (I missed the story then; oops!), there won't be a new cast. Instead, Bunim-Murray will just edit all the excess footage from past seasons together, starting with New York. "We've been doing this for 10 years, and by now, we're out of ideas, short of arming the cast and filming the ensuing bloodbath. Another group of self-absorbed twenty-somethings who are hyperconscious of their hyper-self-consciousness to the nth degree is just too much for me," said co-creator Jon Murray. He added, "Did you see that movie Forrest Gump? Just wait until you see what we can create! Everyone wants to see a fight between LA's Jon and New York's Kevin get stopped by a bitch-slap from Seattle's Stephen after Hawaii's Ruthie vomits pure alcohol all over the loft and New Orleans' David's muscles explode, splattering Hawaii Matt's lime-green terry cloth shirt." A downturn in the reality TV market is cited as the reason for the shift. "We just can't get people to click on our shows anymore," Mary-Ellis Bunim said. Road Rules is expected to do the same.
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Big Brother CBS files suit against viewers, recappers, and MediaJammers.
Almost exactly six months after the end of Big Brother, CBS has filed suit against a number of groups critical of what the network calls their "best show EVER!" MediaJammers, the group that flew the first banner over the compound, which resulted in a tidal wave of what CBS calls "disruptive" and "hard to read while staring into the sun" banners dragged by airplanes, is named, as are the people who wrote recaps of the "scintillating" episodes. Host Julie Chen was apparently "traumatized" that the recaps would "point out the funny way she stands" again, according to, one of the two sites I regularly link to because I'm lazy. CBS also blames viewers for "blindly following the media" who panned the show.
+ also: CBS plans to use heat-seeking missiles to defend Big Brother 2.
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FOX plans to get Lucky.
Based upon the movie Series 7: The Contenders and Britney Spears' hit single, FOX will air Lucky starting next August. Produced by the camera guy from Making the Band who got the footage of Ashley Parker Angel naked in the shower, the show will follow a group of 18 teenagers and twentysomethings as they try to get lucky -- while being chased by their current significant other, who will be armed with a paint gun and a scarlet letter. Extensive background checks will be conducted by using the search engine Magellan, and FOX plans to cancel the show after the first few minutes if the ratings aren't better than those of The West Wing and Friends combined.
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Temptation Island Temptation Island 2 will be called "Margaritaville: the Hos Fight Back."
The long-awaited sequel to Temptation Island will focus on the fornicating hijinks of the very popular gaggle of sluts assembled by FOX to destroy relationships on national TV during the first season. Hosted by the real Marky Mark (not the arms-akimbo imposter), the show will watch what happens when 16 wannabe actors gather on an island and get trashed. Endemol was asked to produce, but they were busy producing more crappy shows to import, as well as deluding themselves into thinking that Big Brother wasn't their fault.
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Survivor Survivor 3 location revealed.
reality blurred has discovered by surfing on other reality TV sites the Survivor 3 will be definitely held, unquestionably, in one of the following places: (highlight to read this top-secret, show-ruining, life-destroying spoiler info that you should probably just not read, so go away, freak) The Bronx, Canada, Istanbul, or the Big Brother compound. Also, a super-duper reliable inside source (Sean talking to E! Online's Wanda) has revealed that the winner of Survivor 2 is, in fact, (highlight) Jerri. Apparently, Jerri being voted off last Thursday was just manipulative editing on Mark Burnett's part. The dirty bastard.
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