Idol’s 13th 866 number is a phone sex line; Anoop says producers apologized to him

American Idol 8’s first-ever top 13 perform tonight as the show settles in to its final round of competition. Performance shows air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, and results shows move an hour later to Wednesdays at 9.

Besides having 13 performers, one change we might see this week is to the voting phone numbers. Dial Idol discovered that the thirteenth phone number is actually a phone sex line, telling MJ’s Big Blog, “American Idol does not own 1-866-436-5713 (or 1-866-436-5700 for that matter).”

This is what I heard when I called 866-IDOLS-13: “Hey there, sexy guy. Welcome to an exciting new way to go live one-on-one with hot, horny girls waiting right now to talk to you,” a woman said, pointing out that it’s just $1.99 a minute to talk to those “hot, horny girls” because “we love nasty talk as much as you do.”

MJ speculates that rather than pick an out-of-sequence number, the show will unveil a brand-new set of numbers, which should be fantastically confusing for the thousands of idiots who already misdial because the difference between 866 and 800 is too confusing for them. But I’m guessing they’ll just add an out-of-sequence 13th number since they only need it for one week, and changing everything to an 888 or 877 number would be too confusing.

Meanwhile, Anoop Desai told reporters during a conference call Friday that producers and the judges were apologetic for jerking him around at the end of Thursday’s results show, as he first thought he was eliminated, and then they surprised him with the top 13 news. “The producers and Simon and all the judges sort of apologized and said, you know, sorry we did this to you,” he said.

But let’s not forget that the top 13 was most likely not, as Simon Cowell claimed, a last-minute decision, starting with the fact that the show has 11 weeks to fill between now and the scheduled finale—meaning it needed 13 performers, and also needed to finish off the semi-finals with some artificial drama.