Danny Gokey preached, “lead praise and worship” at megachurch for Idol cameras

American Idol 8 has wasted no time preparing segments on the first three finalists, as Danny Gokey was filmed late last week preaching at his megachurch. That will presumably be used in the bio segment packages that will be shown during the top 12’s first week.

Danny has already faced some criticism for the non-singing parts of his appearance on the show, so while this wouldn’t be the first time an Idol contestant visited a church or was openly religious, it seems remarkable because he “lead praise and worship for over an hour,” according to the church. That’s Faith Builders International Ministries, which a former member told the blog Top Idol was “the closest thing I hope to ever experience to a cult.”

On the church’s blog, Pastor P wrote that on Friday, “American Idol came to film our church and as a very special ‘treat’, Danny Gokey showed up to lead praise and worship for over an hour!” It adds that they “literally had 24 hrs. to pull a Friday night service together, and even with limited time, the place was jammed packed…standing room only,” and that “Danny ‘preached’ on letting go of unforgiveness and the the past…while embracing our future with hope.”

MJ’s Big Blog rounds up other related links related to this, including photos of the church’s “Rolex-wearing, Escalade-driving pastor” and a video of Danny’s appearance in a commercial for the church.