Paula Abdul’s rep has “no comment” about report that she’ll leave Idol

Paula Abdul’s representative had “no comment” about a gossip report that says the American Idol judge will be leaving the show after eighth season.

Citing “a source close to the reality judge,” OK! reported that “Paula Abdul is planning to bow out of American Idol” as she “is developing new TV projects and is hoping to ‘transition’ out of the Fox hit.” Another source, however, had a far less definitive pronouncement: “She knows that every season could be her last. Now she’s got a new secret venture that she’s really excited about.”

Her rep told Access Hollywood “no comment” when asked about the report. That’s strange because, if it was made-up crap, the rep probably would have just denied it.

With Simon Cowell insisting he’ll quit after season nine or 10, it’d make little sense for Paula to bail this close to the end of the show, because American Idol couldn’t continue as the same show without him.

Paula is currently working on a cheerleading squad competition, Paula Abdul’s RAH! Cheerleading Bowl, which MTV will broadcast New Year’s Day.

Update: Paula Abdul’s publicist Jeff Ballard finally denied the rumor. “It’s absolutely untrue,” he told the Los Angeles Times. However, the paper notes that “BWR, the publicity firm that represents the producers, were not able to confirm nor deny the rumors. And Fox pleaded the Fifth.”