Jeff Archuleta arrested for “patronizing a prostitute” by getting a happy ending at a massage parlor

David Archuleta’s creepy dad Jeff Archuleta was arrested Jan. 14 at a massage parlor for being “sexually gratified by one of the masseuse girls,” a police sergeant told the Salt Lake City Tribune. Salt Lake City’s KSL reported said Jeff Archuleta, 47, “pleaded no contest to patronizing a prostitute, a class B misdemeanor” and “entered what is called a plea in abeyance, which means that if he commits no further violations of the law, the case will be dismissed.” The judge “ordered Archuleta to attend a class called ‘Thinking Errors,’ and pay a $582 fine,” which he did. Radar Online has the details (“the male was on his stomach on the table with a masseuse in lace underwear”), including that Jeff found the place on Craigslist and was the only person busted during the raid.


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