Jason Castro screws up lyrics, seems bored

One side effect of Paula Abdul’s judging screw-up last week was that Jason Castro’s second performance was pre-judged, which at best seems unfair to Jason, although that has largely been ignored during discussion of the controversy. As a result of that moment and others, some of Jason Castro’s fans think that the show’s producers aren’t his biggest fans, and that, at worst, they have it out for him and want him gone.

But after last night’s performances, only Jason Castro himself is to blame if he goes home tonight. And if he doesn’t, it will be the most surprising elimination ever.

If there’s any doubt that Jason is thoroughly “ready to go home,” as he said in an interview last week, it’s gone now, because he basically seemed annoyed the whole time and phoned in his actual singing. He seems beaten down by the whole thing, showing zero enthusiasm or personality during the pre-performance interview segment, and then delivering flat performances.

After Jason forgot some of the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man,” his second song, Simon Cowell told him, “I’d pack your suitcase.” Based on last night, he may already have had them packed.