American Idol gets one third of all network TV web site traffic

Traffic to American Idol’s web site accounted for nearly one third of all broadcast network TV show web sites last week.

“For the week ended Feb. 23, Idol had 24.31% of traffic to all broadcast-network TV-show Web sites, according to Hitwise’s sample of 10 million Web surfers, more than double second-place Deal or No Deal at 9.18%,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. “But by last week (ending March 3), that share swelled to 32.35%, more than triple Deal’s 9.91% and more than all of the other top 10 sites put together.”

In addition, the show’s return “helped double Fox Broadcasting’s online traffic in January compared with December,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Overall, “Fox had 4.6 million unique visitors in January, up 101% from December, surpassing CBS (4.5 million, down 24%) for the month,” although it got beaten in January by “ and, which had 8.1 million and 7.9 million visitors, respectively.” The Idol site had “an estimated 1.1 million visitors” in January.