Jordin Sparks still writing, recording songs for her Nov. 20 debut

American Idol’s sixth winner is still writing and recording songs for her new album, even though it will be released in about six weeks. “It’s all very exciting, but also kind of scary, because it doesn’t give me a lot of time to finish it. “I’m out here in L.A., finishing up the record, and then they’re sending me back to New York to write some more songs, and then I’ll be coming back to master it and set the order for the songs. … I’m trying really, really hard to finish it,” she told

While she wants to tackle other projects in the future—“I would love to do some acting. … I’d love to do a movie or Broadway. If I ever actually have the time, I’d love to do it.”—right now she’s just trying to find the time to produce her record. “To me, when I think of people making records, it usually takes, depending on who they are, nine months or so, maybe a year. I have a couple of months, so let’s just try to get it done. Now that the ‘Idol’ tour’s over, I don’t have to balance that with finishing the record. I can just concentrate on finishing the record, and I’m working really hard on it,” Jordin said.

The record is “not complete R&B or hip-hop,” she said, and MTV reports that “it also includes pop and country elements.” That combination was found on her first single “Tattoo”, which was written with by Jordin and Amanda Ghost. “I fit all of that into one song, so I hope the songs I have on the album will resonate with that. There are some slow songs, a ballad called ‘Permanent Monday.’ I’m just so excited,” Jordin said.

Jordin is still getting used to her fame and success—and still shops at the mall. “I was in the dressing room at Express, and ‘Tattoo’ came on. I started flipping out and screaming, and a lady came by to see if I was all right,” she said.