KFC offers Idol 5 runner-up $10,000 to whore themselves for KFC Famous Bowls

From the department of Press Releases From Major Corporations That Sound Like Rejected Apprentice Tasks comes this unbelievably pathetic offer: KFC is offering the American Idol 5 runner up $10,000 to pitch their newest product.

The person will be hired to “write and star in an upcoming advertisement,” and for their efforts, they’ll be paid $10,000. That “commercial recording deal” fee may be insulting and cheap, but one of the most famous people in America will also be offered, as compensation, “a year’s supply of KFC Famous Bowls.”

A KFC Famous Bowl, in case you are wondering, is a product that, in pictures, looks a little bit like a bowl of diarrhea. KFC describes it as “layers of mashed potatoes, sweet corn and bite sized crispy chicken, drizzled with signature home style gravy and topped off with a three cheese blend — all in one convenient bowl.” A quadruple bypass is not included.

KFC’s VP for marketing said in a statement that the company is “excited to offer the runner-up the opportunity to further showcase their talents in an upcoming KFC Famous Bowl commercial.” And whoever loses will probably be equally excited to say no.