Idol adding an extra phone number for each contestant

On tonight’s American Idol 5 performance show, each contestant will be assigned not one but two phone numbers. That’s “[t]o reduce busy signals,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, citing a phone press conference with Ken Warwick.

The show did the same thing last year but only after a series of screw-ups.

Warwick also announced that an upcoming show would feature Elvis songs. He also admitted that “he decides the order of the contestants on a number of factors. He prefers upbeat songs to open or end the show. He won’t have a contestant open or close a show two weeks in a row.”

Despite that ability to subtly manipulate the audience’s response to the contestants, he did say that there’s one tearjerking story he won’t include. According to the AJ-C, “it’s unlikely the show would film Kellie seeing her dad leave jail because it would be unfair to the other contestants. But he might do it on the final results show if she’s still around once the votes are in and if she’s willing to do it.”