Ryan Seacrest stays with Idol for two more seasons at $15 million/year

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s contract expires at the end of this season, but he’s renewed it for two more seasons at $15 million per season, a raise from the $10 million he’s currently making per season.

He’s separately negotiating a new contract with NBCUniversal, for whom he hosts E! News Daily and will be part of NBC’s upcoming summer Olympics coverage, because there can never be enough Seacrest (yes there can).

In the always-amusing press release quotes, Seacrest called it a “dream job.” You think? $15 million a year to be an asshole to teenage singers?

Seacrest’s boss at Fox, Mike Darnell, praises his ability to “keep the contestants at ease during intense moments”—uh, tense moments he creates—but also notes that Seacrest can “adapt to any situation” and that “solidifies him as the absolute best in the business. He is an integral part of why American Idol is a true phenomenon, and we can’t imagine doing this show without him.”

That is true. Seacrest may be a smarmy prick sometimes, but the parade of crappy hosts we’ve seen on talent shows and other series throughout the years proves that he really is exceptionally good, especially at making it look easy.


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