ABC plans Supernanny spin-off with male nanny

ABC is planning to air a pilot of for a spin-off of its series Supernanny, and the new show will star a non-British, non-female nanny. Instead of Jo Frost, it will star “gruff Chicago child therapist Mike Ruggles,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A back-door pilot of Supermanny (note the consonant change) will air sometime this fall during the original show’s Friday at 9 p.m. ET timeslot, and will follow the same format as the original, but will just have a different nanny.

“With a guy, he can connect with dads in a different kind of way. It’s really powerful stuff,” executive producer Nick Emmerson told the paper. “It feels different to have a guy come in to work with your kids. A woman has a woman’s touch, and people are more accepting and ready for her advice. We had to find the right person who has real authority and a gentle touch as well.”