Project Runway ends with a deserving winner, not much drama

Project Runway 13's judges and Tim Gunn

Project Runway ended a thoroughly satisfying season last night, one that had both drama and talent. The talent was so strong that Tim Gunn suggested the finalists were the best designers on the show ever, and any of the four would have been a satisfying winner, though the winner's seemed to be the most cohesive and interesting. While the finale had … keep reading ▶

After tribe shake-up, Survivor tribes shake poles

San Juan Del Sur's fifth immunity challenge

Despite a tribe shake-up and a somewhat surprising vote, I'm not sure I have all that much to say about Survivor San Juan Del Sur, or Survivor Blood vs. Water, as Jeff Probst called it last night, and perhaps before, perhaps to confuse us into thinking we were watching a season with actual strategy or better editing. I understand why tribes … keep reading ▶