Why The Great British Baking Show is so delicious

The Great British Baking Show judges and hosts

In the United States, McDonald's French Fries have 19 ingredients, as former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara discussed in his sad web series. In the UK, McDonald's fries have four ingredients. Like our fries, our cooking competitions in the U.S. are mostly overstuffed with unnecessary things, and the difference is clear in the wonderful, … keep reading ▶

Rob Cesternino on Survivor, spoilers, and RHAP’s origins

Survivor's Rob Cesternino, of Rob Has a Podcast

In February, Survivor will turn 30, and former Survivor contestant Rob Cesternino's podcast will turn five. This is no small achievement. Like blogs, podcasts are frequently created and quickly abandoned, and few reach the level of success of Rob Has a Podcast. As I discussed in part one of my interview with Rob, RHAP is very successful, thanks to … keep reading ▶