"challenge people to bring more ... verisimilitude back to the proceedings"Mike Rowe, encouraging TV critics to ask for reality in reality TV

Billy Bob Thornton’s critique of reality TV, humanity

Billy Bob Thornton on OWN's Master Class.

Appearing on Oprah's Master Class Sunday night, actor Billy Bob Thornton issued a devastating critique not only of reality TV's obsession with competitions and similarly themed shows, but of viewers' desire to see others fail instead of experiencing the "magic" in life. "We're just living in a time that's just become judgmental and everybody wants … keep reading ▶

FEC: candidates can be filmed, not paid, for reality TV

A Congressional candidate running as a Republican in New York City was approached about being filmed for an Esquire reality series, and asked the Federal Election Commission if he and his staff could appear and be paid for their appearances. The answer, in short, was yes and no, respectively. Nick Di Iorio's campaign manager made the request, … keep reading ▶