15 reasons why we love Survivor

Survivor debuted 15 years ago today, and has aired exactly 30 seasons since then. Five years ago, on its 10th anniversary, I looked at the show’s impact. Today, in honor of its 15th anniversary, a celebration of 15 things I love about the show.

  1. That amazing theme song


  2. The stunning locations

    Survivor Tocantins Brazil Survivor Gabon Africa
    Survivor has filmed in beautiful places all around the world, including Brazil to Gabon. Next up: Cambodia.

  3. Unexpected moments like this

  4. and this.


  5. The heroes and villains

    Love, hate, or love to hate, Survivor has characters we can root for or against every season.

  6. Jeff Probst

    Probst with rice on Survivor
    Probst has come a long way since he was “Dimples,” and now literally runs the show that he hosts. This is good and bad, and has its highs and lows. Whatever we think about the results, it’s absolutely clear how much he cares about the show and tries to make it great for viewers.

  7. Raw, emotional human drama

    Real people have continually delivered unexpected and intense entertainment and drama for 15 years.

  8. The epic challenges and production design

    Seriously, what show does it better? No one.

  9. The conversations and debates

    Survivor Worlds Apart Dan Foley
    Survivor inspires passionate conversation and debate, from casting to strategy. And even the most loathsome behavior prompts important discussions, both on and off camera. Survivor may not always handle these things perfectly, but at least it doesn’t just ignore them.

  10. The show’s affect on popular culture

    Survivor has done so much for TV over the past 15 years, from the proliferation of reality television to this classic:


  11. The twists and the game

    Some of the twists are exasperating and others exhilarating, but they’ve all attempted to keep things interesting for the Survivors and fans. Despite the twists, though, the core of the game has remained the same and as solid as ever. It’s a formula that works.

  12. The alliances and friendships the game inspires.


  13. The shocking Tribal Council blindsides

     photo 4_1.gif

  14. and the raw comedy.

    Oh Coach, I love you.

    Balls are always hilarious.
  15. Finally, the brilliant editing that pulls all this together.

    reality blurred tarsierMetaphoric http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2014/10/survivor-derbys-wooly-opossum/“>tarsiers and other cute animals? Yes, please!

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