Welcome to the new reality blurred

Welcome to the new reality blurred, the culmination of two years of on-and-off work, and a summer’s worth of non-stop work. The goal was simple: To have a more functional, attractive home for 14 years worth of reality TV news, analysis, criticism, and reporting–and one that can hopefully power another 14+ years of even better coverage.

I welcome your feedback and thoughts on all the changes, either in the comments below or via e-mail. Please bear with me during some last-minute transitions: Old comments may take a few minutes to appear, and you may discover broken links (if you see those after this week, please let me know, because my goal is to have everything working seamlessly). Update: Among minor kinks is that the surveys are appearing far too frequently, and I’m actively working on that.

(Photo by Shutterstock)

(Photo by Shutterstock)

The new logo reflects the site’s mission: highlighting the real in reality TV. I fell in love with reality TV because it reflected reality, even though that reality was produced, blurring the edges. I’m endlessly fascinated how reality TV is constructed.

Reality TV is a label that applies to all kinds of television now, and it’s a label I’ll keep using because there’s room for greatness and crap under one label  (just ask novels). It now includes everything from the shows that are truly cinema verite and are constructed in post-production to those that have very real interaction that takes place in artificial environments (from The Real World to Survivor) to the ones that are so heavy-handed in their production that they’re creating fiction.

In this new space, I promise to keep writing about the best and, yes, the worst, and everything in between, but always with the goal of understanding, appreciating, and learning more about this peculiar, wonderful brand of nonfiction entertainment. Thanks for reading.

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