Redesign thanks, apology, and info

(Image by Shutterstock)

(Image by Shutterstock)

Thanks for all your feedback about the redesign. I’m thrilled that it was received so positively, and understand and appreciate the feedback from those of you who weren’t thrilled with all the changes. It’s significant change! I’m also very sorry that the site hasn’t worked perfectly these past few days, and hope you’ll forgive any issues.

Two critical things:

  • If you’re not seeing new stories on the front page, force a refresh in your browser, probably CTRL-R or command-R. (You can also clear your browser’s cache, if you want to have even more fun.) The very first day of the launch, an errant setting (I screwed up!) left the front page so that it stuck around in your browser thinking it never needed to be updated. That shouldn’t be the case any more.
  • Surveys should be functioning normally, appearing once a day at most (and often less). I apologize for the time periods when a survey appeared for every story; that, too, was an unexpected code issue.  And thanks for helping support the site by answering.

Let me know if you still do have either of those problems.

Also, I plan to work this week and weekend to fix several smaller things: adjusting the comment border on mobile devices, moving the comment area up higher on stories, and stopping the featured story slideshow at the top of the front page from shifting the page up and down slightly. All very fun things that I’m sure you’ll miss.

Seriously, I appreciate you bearing with these bumps on this new path, but I hope they’re all worth it to give you a better experience.

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