Amazing Race team on Survivor San Juan Del Sur

Both The Amazing Race and Survivor are currently filming, and both shows have cast pairs of contestants from the other show. Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson, best known as the “twinnies,” are among the pairs of loved ones competing on Survivor San Juan Del Sur, which is using the blood vs. water format.

Survivor couple Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson are currently racing, having been revealed officially by CBS Saturday morning, after a very public start to the race.

The twins’ participation was reported late Monday by the reliable Amazing Race spoiler known as “Miss Cleo.” They were most recently on this spring’s all-star season of The Amazing Race. In possibly but probably unrelated news, also on Monday, Jeff Probst confirmed that two players left the game for medical reasons, leaving the show with 18 instead of 20 contestants, though there’s no word who exited, just a 1 in 10 chance that it’s any pair, of course.

For those who gave up on Amazing Race, here’s an introduction to the twins that they compiled using clips from their first appearance on the show:

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