Young, rich people’s favorite reality series; the reality shows that lost the most viewers

The broadcast TV show that is most popular among young, rich people–those ages 18 to 49 who make more than $150,000 a year in each household–may surprise you, as may the reality show that actually gained viewers instead of lost them, which happened to every other broadcast reality show except two.

First, The Bachelor is by far the most-popular series for young, rich viewers. Deadline reports:

“Bachelor is the No. 1 non-sports series; it indexes at 211, which means it does a 111% higher rating in 150K+ homes than it does in regular demo ratings. (For comparison sake, CBS’s summer hook-up-in-a-hot-tub-in-the-kitchen-or-in-any-available-corner-of-the-house series Big Brother last summer indexed at 81 on Sunday nights, 78 on Thursdays and 75 on Wednesdays. Apparently Bachelor’s red roses and evening dress parades pay off.)”

Also on the top 20 list: The Bachelorette (#3), Shark Tank (#11), American Dream Builders (#13), Dancing with the Stars (#14), and The Amazing Race (#16).

Among those who are highly educated, defined as having four or more years of college, The Bachelor was overtaken by I Wanna Marry Harry. Besides those two shows, only The Bachelorette and The Amazing Race make it into the top 20.

In more surprising news from last year’s broadcast TV ratings, Vulture’s awesome chart illustrates the “steep viewership declines for most of the broadcast networks” by showing exactly which series gained and lost viewers. Most shows lost viewers.

However, among adults 18 to 49, the demographic that advertisers like the best, only two reality TV shows gained viewers compared to last year: Kitchen Nightmares (!!) and Shark Tank, while America’s Next Top Model was flat.

Here are the other broadcast reality series, in order of the most viewers lost to the least number of viewers lost:

The X Factor results show (-40%)
The X Factor (-37%)
The Taste (-33%)
American Idol (-28%)
American Idol results (-26%)
The Amazing Race (-21%)
Hell’s Kitchen (-19%)
The Biggest Loser (-18%)
The Voice (-12%)
The Voice results (-11%)
Undercover Boss (-6%)
The Bachelor (-6%)
Survivor (-6%)
Dancing with the Stars (-4%)
America’s Next Top Model (0%)
Shark Tank (14%)
Kitchen Nightmares (18%)

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