Big Brother contestant’s racist, homophobic comments; animal killing video

A Big Brother 16 cast member’s use of bigoted, racist, homophobic language has emerged just days after the cast was revealed. A comment by Caleb Reynolds contains racist, homophobic, Islamophobic words, while a video, now deleted, showed him beating a live pig to death. Its caption said: “Caleb had to swim across the river to get a hog and forgot his knife!! But no worries he used a stick instead.”

Almost two years ago, Caleb posted to his Instagram account, which was made inaccessible earlier today, a grammatically incorrect, an anti-Barack Obama statement. But that was just a political opinion and innocuous, especially compared to what was written in a comment replying to someone responding to his post. Caleb wrote, in part:

“You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. […] Your just a democrat that wants the Muslim monkey in office.”

So, yes, there’s a single comment that contains racism, an anti-Muslim sentiment, and a homophobic slur. Here’s an image of his post:

Because these were both so public, it begs the question: Why would CBS cast him? It’s possible that an intense and loyal fan base was able to use its Internet prowess to uncover a single comment and video that are total aberrations, one that the hard-working and under-resourced casting team just didn’t find.

On the other end of the spectrum, CBS is trolling the Internet, knowing this existed, waiting for it to be found, hoping it’d generate headlines and conversation and tweets in the days before the premiere.

Somewhere in between those two options is pure incompetence. But let’s not forget that CBS CEO Les Moonves–husband to the show’s host, Julie Chen–approves every cast member personally. So, once again, this truly does go all the way to the top.

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