Amazing Race adds (more) immunity from elimination

The Amazing Race has added a twist that gives a team immunity from elimination. That’s according to those who witnessed the start early this morning in Times Square. (That highly visible start may explain why CBS released the entire cast list, which includes Survivor contestants.)

The new power will apparently be won by the team to check in first after the first leg, and can only be used until the ninth leg, according to one witness.

A Reddit user who posted photos from the very early morning start and a video of teams running up the TKTS steps for their bags and clue (which took teams to Flushing Meadows) wrote that the twist means that a team that “finds themselves eliminated at the mat can undo the elimination by declaring themselves safe and presenting the card to Phil.”

The race already has non-elimination legs which give teams a lame task as punishment but allow them to stay in the race despite arriving at the pit stop last. So this adds yet another way to kill suspense and keep unlikable teams around longer.

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