Survivor back to Nicaragua for seasons 29, 30

Survivor will film its 29th and 30th seasons in Nicaragua, in the same location where 2010’s Survivor Nicaragua and Survivor Redemption Island were filmed: San Juan del Sur.

In mid-April, Del Sur News posted a public notice, which was recently linked by Survivor Sucks, announcing the closure of six “beaches & surrounding properties to the public” from April 21 through Sept 21. That’s attributed to Clover Bay, S.A., which says in the notice it “apologizes for any inconvenience this might cause,” and notes they “are working closely with the local & federal municipalities to limit the impact to the community and its businesses.”

Clover Bay is “a subsidiary of SEG International,” the production company that produces Survivor. A vacation rentals company made that link clear on April 16, writing, “Survivor AKA Clover Bay will be closing down some beaches south starting from April 21st.”

The location was also confirmed this week by longtime Survivor Sucks spoiler castaway208, who previously spoiled the twist for One World.

As early as February, a San Juan del Sur resident posted on Facebook that the show “Survivor (The T.V Show) is coming back to Nicaragua this May for 6 months,” adding that “Again they are taking over two popular surf beaches (POPULAR surf beaches) that will NOT give access to anyone for surfing, fishing or beach going.” More recently, someone posted about beaches that will be “closed to surfers.”

Having had four seasons in the Philippines, the show will now return to the location when it previously built a pool for water challenges that was peed in and re-used the following season.

Last month, there was a powerful offshore earthquake near that location, though there was no damage in San Juan del Sur.

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