Logo apologizes for Drag Race’s “insensitive” language, challenge; pulls episode

Logo has pulled the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and apologized for what it called “insensitive” language and that others referred to as “anti-trans slurs.” In addition, the show will edit out “you’ve got she-mail” lines from future episodes.

The episode included “Female or She-Male” challenge, which was guest hosted by someone from Us Weekly, and RuPaul asked the drag queen contestants to identify whether someone is “a biological woman or a psychological woman.”

The network originally addressed the controversy but basically blew it off, saying in a statement last month, “We have heard the concerns around this segment.” At that time, the show’s producers, including RuPaul Charles, said “When it comes to the movement of our trans sisters and trans brothers, we are newly sensitized and more committed than ever to help spread love, acceptance and understanding.”

The network’s new statement said,

“We wanted to thank the community for sharing their concerns around a recent segment and the use of the term ‘she-mail’ on Drag Race.

Logo has pulled the episode from all of our platforms and that challenge will not appear again.

Furthermore, we are removing the ‘You’ve got she-mail’ intro from new episodes of the series.

We did not intend to cause any offense, but in retrospect we realize that it was insensitive. We sincerely apologize.”

In a post about Logo’s decision, GLAAD noted that the show’s production company, World of Wonder, has also produced “some of the most groundbreaking transgender media images of the past ten year,” including the show that just won a GLAAD award, Fuse’s Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, which follows a performer who “identifies somewhere on the transgender spectrum.”

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