The best fake reality star ever is coming back to TV

Valerie Cherish, Lisa Kudrow’s washed-up actor turned desperate reality star, will return to television, as HBO is resurrecting The Comeback almost nine years after its first and only season aired. The scripted series was both impossibly entertaining and an incredible send-up/illustration of how reality TV can be produced.

E! News’ Kristin Dos Santos reports that the show “is coming back for a six-episode run, with production scheduled to begin May 19” and “writers already have been at work on scripts for the new episodes for two weeks, and that new episodes will pick up nine years after the series left off.” The series also starred Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz, who E! says are returning, though perhaps not for all six episodes.

This news comes two months after co-creator Michael Patrick King he and Lisa Kudrow were “exploring” the character’s return and a March report that HBO was in talks to bring it back.

So, it’s definitely time to watch or re-watch the first season, which is also on HBO GO.

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