Which Survivor quitter are you? Take the quiz!

Lots of people have quit Survivor over the years, for reasons including regret that they’d left to play the game while a loved one was ill, asking to be voted out because they’d given up, and pure ego.

If there’s anything more exciting than the drama associated with fan freak-out following a quit, it’s online quizzes, which allow you to figure out what Muppet Baby you are or what your feces say about your leadership style.

So, in an attempt to become the next Buzzfeed, I present the Which Survivor Quitter Are You? quiz. Think about each answer carefully, and you’ll soon find out which quitter you are!

  1. Are you Osten Taylor? Yes No
  2. Are you Jenna Morasca? Yes No
  3. Are you Sue Hawk? Yes No
  4. Are you Janu Tornell? Yes No
  5. Are you Jeff Wilson? Yes No
  6. Are you Jon Dalton? Yes No
  7. Are you Chet Welch? Yes No
  8. Are you Kathy Sleckman? Yes No
  9. Are you GC Brown? Yes No
  10. Are you NaOnka Mixon? Yes No
  11. Are you Kelly Shinn? Yes No
  12. Are you Dana Lambert? Yes No
  13. Are you Brandon Hantz? Yes No
  14. Are you Colton Cumbie? Yes No
  15. Are you Lindsey Ogle? Yes No

Reveal which Survivor quitter you are

Congratulations! If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re that Survivor who chose to leave the game! If you answered no, you’re not a Survivor contestant who quit.

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And thanks to Survivor‘s unofficial historian Jeff Pitman for double-checking my list, i.e. doing my homework for me, like he often does, even though I ignored some of his advice, such as whether or not to include people who asked to be voted out.

This satirical story is part of the April 1, 2013, edition of reality blurred. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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