Watch the Lindsay Lohan reality series trailer right now before OWN takes it away from us

OWN previewed Lindsay, the new Lindsay Lohan documentary series produced by Amy Rice and Pilgrim Studios, tonight, and now has the trailer online–but only for 48 hours, until 9:35 p.m. ET Thursday!–because why let people continue to share and watch something when you can create scarcity and create an event around that.

Of course, their strategy worked, because here I am promoting it–and it’s a trailer worth promoting, which is why this show is on my list of 10 shows you must check out in March.

By the time Oprah tells Lindsay, “You need to cut the bullshit, you really do,” if you’re not sold on this show, please tell me why. I’m no fan of gossip blogs and tabloids chewing up celebrities, nor of celebrities behaving badly for attention. But this feels entirely different and new, two minutes and 16 seconds that give us a raw look at part of her life–never mind the fourth wall-breaking filming of the show itself. I can’t wait.

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