The 32-year-old behind-the-scenes documentary you’ll want to watch right now

Want to see a young Harrison Ford walk away from a young Steven Spielberg as he describes one of the most well-known scenes in the Indiana Jones series, if not all of film, because he wants mustard? That’s just one of the many hilarious and insightful moments in a behind-the-scenes documentary about the filming of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Via Kottke, Boing Boing, and others comes this hour-long documentary, which aired on PBS in 1981. Producers George Lucas and Frank Marshall are among those featured in it.

It’s surprisingly intimate and unguarded. In the aforementioned scenes, Harrison Ford says, “I’m gonna get some mustard,” and walks away from Spielberg who’s talking through storyboards of the snake pit scene. “The suspense is really killing you, huh, Harrison?” Spielberg asks. “This is the best part! You left me at the best part!”

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