Amazing Race’s secret “dramatic twist” is not all that secret, dramatic, or twisty

This morning, CBS revealed the teams competing on The Amazing Race 24, an all-star season featuring the return of Rachel and Brendon and a bunch of other annoying people. The network also teased a twist that isn’t really a twist at all.

In fairness, Phil Keoghan calls the teams “your favorites” and “those teams you’ve grown to love” in the cast preview video below. “We continually hear from fans that they want their favorites back, and we listen to them.” I don’t know if this is bullshit or if it’s actually accurate.

CBS’ press release teases that “in a dramatic twist one team will not make it to the starting line,” but because people have been stalking the teams online since the race started in mid-November, that twist is pretty obvious.

The cast list says that William “Bopper” Minton and Mark Jackson will be racing together, as they did during season 20. But Mark actually raced with Mallory Ervin from seasons 17 and 18.

As the person who goes by “Miss Cleo” on Twitter (and who initially revealed an early cast list) wrote this morning,

“It’s all just a stunt. You can expect to LOL at the spectacle they’re going to make during the premiere about the SHOCKING news: OMG BOPPER’S SICK & HAD TO PULL OUT! OH NOEZ! WHAT DO WE DO? … I predicted a while ago that CBS would tease this heavily in the promos leading up to the premiere, and it’s looking like I’m right based on the press release today (‘one team doesn’t even make it to the starting line!’). Please.”

Reality Fan Forum has a summary of all the spoilers its users gathered throughout the race, including eliminations, if you’d like to know whether or not this season will give $1 million to the damn cowboys or Big Brother twits.

Update: There’s more detailed elimination information and U-Turn info at Survivor Sucks from Miss Cleo.

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